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How to get sucess from my calls?

For Day Trading

1. Always try to execute our calls with stop loss buy or stop loss sell orders

2. Whenever our calls entered then you must place stop loss order and target orders

3. When our first target reaches then update your stop loss order to our entry level and wait for 2nd Target.

4. Whenever our stop loss is triggered means you must close your position, then only you will be able execute our other calls

5. Our calls always come to you with Risk Reward ratio

6. All traders must aware of Money Management. Without Money management we will never make money from Market

For Money Management

1. Never over trade

2. Never take risk any single call not more than of your 1% of your Capital
(Example: For Rs.100000 capital, Single call Risk is Rs. 1000 only)  

3. Based on our stop loss points  divide your (Single call Risk amount/stop loss points)  from that qty level only you must execute our calls
(Example: Your Single call Risk amount is Rs. 1000, Stop loss points is 5 means your order quantity will be 200. (1000/5=200))

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