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How to success from my Calls?

For Day Trading

1. Always try to execute our calls with stop loss buy or stop loss sell orders

2. Whenever our calls entered then you must place stop loss order   More info...



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Free Analysis of Your Stocks Holdings (Two questions at a time per person) and Index Support And Resistance levels
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Investearn offers technical service for Indian stock market (NSE & BSE). Managing Director, Karunaakaran is a graduate in Chemistry with one-year diploma in Computer course and one-year diploma in Plastic processing technology. In younger age he is more interested in technical works and also in Ayurvedic and Siddha. He started his career as Support Staff with a MSE brokerage firm from August 16, 1994 and later he has developed as Authorised Assistant. He has worked as a Relationship Manager with a reputed NSE/BSE Brokerage firm for five years. During his past working experience he has witnessed several clients losing their wealth through their own trading style and practices without following any strategy. But he was always thinking that there should be some system to follow for successful trading or investing. Later he came to understand that the system is nothing but technical analysis. In earlier part of his career as a Relationship Manager, he  never believed in technical analysis and even wondered how technical analysis would help the market or how the market can move as per the directions of technical analysis. However, he showed interest towards technical analysis, started learning the same as an ongoing process and acquired knowledge in-depth.

After acquiring thorough knowledge  he believed fully that the market moves as per the direction of technical charts. He believes that technical charts indicate the good or bad news well before that news are published or made public. After gaining good experience in the field of toughest technical analysis he has begun doing broking business and started giving newsletter to his clients continuously since 2004.  Needless to say all his clients are being benefited through this newsletter, tips in creating wealth. He desired to open this website with an idea to share his views with the vast investing community to benefit from his Technical Analysis. Happy Trading/Investing. He wishes each and everyone for happier stock market investment/trade.

 His motto is Always Buy @ Support Levels, Sell @ Resistance Levels".

If you have sufficient money no need to follow market movement, just buy and sell at his levels, otherwise you can just follow market movement. Buy at his Support levels and sell at Resistance levels and you will make good money in intraday trade itself.

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